Rhinestone picking pencil Wax pencil picker tool

Rhinestones Collection by Rhinestone HQ


Use to easily pick up your rhinestones,

place your rhinestones on a hard flat surface , touch the pencil to the rhinestone and place rhinestone on to your desired project 

This wax pencil picker tool makes rhinestone placing and other craft projects so much easier. allowing you to pick up the smallest stones. This tool is great for picking up crystals, beads, buttons, sequins, nail art and more!!

Simply sharpen the pencil with any pencil sharpener (it will arrive unsharpened) and use the tip of the pencil to easily pick up rhinestones and place them on your project
Please note , your rhinestones should be on a hard flat surface for the wax pencil to work effectively at picking them up.

Size: Approx. 9 inches long x 0.25 inches diameter

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