How many pieces are in a gross?

There are 144 pieces in a gross, regardless of the product. There are 1,440 pieces in 10 gross.

What is the difference between Crystal and Crystal AB ?

Crystal (often known as Crystal Clear) is completely colorless. Crystal AB, on the other hand, uses the same base stone , but has an added coating which reflects many different colours, primarily gold, blue and pink.

Aurora Borealis (AB) is a coating that adds a rainbow-like effect to the basic stone colour, and may somewhat lighten the base colour. This effect is most commonly associated with crystal stones, and AB is often the term used to describe ‘Crystal AB’ rhinestones. An AB stone typically enhances the basic colour, but at times may also substantially modify the basic colour. And, the additional ‘rainbow’ highlights may not always complement the original costume design. The AB effect is available on many stones and colours

What is the difference between Hotfix and NON hotfix Flat Back crystals?


Hotfix crystals have a pre applied glue backing to the back of the crystal.  When heat is applied to the crystal the glue backing is activated heats up and  melts , and is then applied to your chosen garment and surface. The best way to apply heat to the back of the crystal is to use A Hotfix Applicator Wand/tool.

Non Hotfix: 

The back of a Flat Back non hotfix crystal has no adhesive pre-applied - you must use a separate adhesive to attach the stone, for dance costumes and clothing we recommend gem tac glue which dries clear