Crystal Ab Non hotfix Replica of swarovski 2088 cut. Flat back

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A REPLICA of swarovski 2088 cut Flatback NON Hotfix Rhinestones. the new cut allows ultimate light refraction – giving superior shine and sparkle 

The best and most competitive price for ultimate sparkle. Similar to the style of the Swarovski 2088 xirius cut which has a star effect 8 large and 8 small facets 

non hotfix rhinestones foil backed , give your costumes ultimate sparkle.  

Glue on , 

Available in sizes 

SS12 3mm quantity 1440 per pack 

SS16 4mm quantity 1440 per pack

SS20 5mm quantity 1440 per pack

SS30 6 mm quantity 288 per pack

ss34 7mm quantity 288 per pack

SS40 8mm quantity 144 per pack 

SS48 9mm quantity 144 per pack




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