Swarovski stops crystal supply

Swarovski are set to stop there crystal supply to many accounts as part of a new strategy.
The Global
crystal and jewellery business Swarovski is to stop supplying its loose crystals and gemstones to other jewellery brands and third-party re-sellers as part of a business “transformation programme.

According to Bloomberg, the new CEO Robert Buchbauer, himself a member of the dynasty, is trying to push through plans to make the company slimmer by shrinking low margin mass market products and shift focus to more profitable ones.  The turnaround plan is expected to take a few years. Not all the family are in agreement but Buchbauer is likely to prevail. He believes these steps are necessary for the long term survival of the company.  

“It’s very painful for everybody, but we have to take the steps that we should have taken years ago,” said Buchbauer, 54. In the future, Swarovski will focus on higher quality products with unique designs rather than trying to offer everything for everybody, he said. “Swarovski crystals on a 10-euro T-shirt don’t add to our profitability and hurt our brand image.”

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