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Adding Rhinestones to your costume

On most dance costumes it is easy to see where to add rhinestones. Look for areas that you would like to draw attention to. If the costume has a good pattern then you could accentuate it. Scattering rhinestones on the bodice is also a very easy way to add extra sparkle.
Once you get more comfortable with adding rhinestones, You can choose to add a few rhinestones for a little sparkle or a large amount of rhinestones to really dazzle. Regardless of your decision, adding rhinestones to dance costumes is an easy way to make your costume look amazing.

You could start by laying rhinestones on your costume to see the effect. If needed you can mark the placement of the stones with a small chalk mark or a washable sewing marker. Then, you simply glue the rhinestones on according to your markings. Gem tac is a very popular glue as it dries clear and is easy to use.

Lay your costume out as flat as possible. If you’re gluing to a sheer fabric like chiffon, place a piece of wax parchment paper between the layers of fabric. This will keep the layers from being glued together.

Place a drop of glue about the size of the rhinestone on the fabric. Pick up your chosen rhinestone using a wax pencil, wax pencils are cheap to buy and easy to use. press rhinestone into the glue drop. Some of the glue should seep out from the edges. This is very important as it forms a seal and helps to keep the rhinestone from peeling off. If you can not see glue seeping out around the edge, this means you are not using enough glue. Once you’ve glued all the rhinestones to your costume, allow to dry flat for 24 hours.

You can use this technique for gluing rhinestones on any other type of garment as well as dance costumes.  Now you can add sparkle to tee shirts, clothes and shoes.

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