Transmission transparent ab Hotfix rhinestones

Hotfix Collection by Rhinestone HQ


Unfoiled Transmission Transparent rhinestones are different from foiled rhinestones as they do not have the foil backing of a regular rhinestone , they are Unfoiled thereby capturing the light in a very different way. They let the light pass through them and therefore, they pick up the color of the fabric that is underneath them. They provide subtle reflection. it is important that prior to placing your order that you understand how they reflect light and how they interact with various colours, we will happily send a free sample to try before you buy, just message 

also known as Transmission / Translucent

SS10 quantity 1440 per pack

SS12 quantity 1440 per pack

Ss16 quantity 1440 per pack

ss20 quantity 1440 per pack

ss30 quantity 288 per pack

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