Irish Dancing Dance Champion gift set Deal Buckles earrings and Number clip

Deals Collection by Rhinestone HQ


Irish Gift set includes, Champion Buckles galactic earrings and matching number clip .

stunning crystal ab heavily encrusted Handmade buckles by Rhinestone HQ. 

completely smothered ,no gaps, highest quality crystal ab featured stunning galactic round rhinestones . 

Galactic crystal ab stud earrings for pierced ears.
galactic feature crystal ab centre edged with crystal ab rhinestones  size 30mm 

crystal ab Champion number clip. crystal ab rhinestones edge a stunning galactic feature centre. 


our rhinestones and feature shapes are expertly faceted for the most effective sparkle and shine. Stand out at competitions for winning sparkle .we bling to win 

The buckle is attached to the shoe by threading the shoelaces through the arm brace at the back of the buckle.


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