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A Replica of swarovski xirius 2088 cut Flatback Hotfix Rhinestones.

Affordable and Excellent value with ultimate sparkle and shine. These are very similar in style to the Swarovski 2088, with the xirius cut giving you a star effect on the crystal.

the new cut allows for the ultimate in light refraction – making it shine and sparkle like no other stone. with 8 large and 8 small expertly cut facets.

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Hot Fix rhinestones have a heat activated glue already adhered to the back of the rhinestone  To apply these stones, the glue must be activated by heat and then applied to an appropriate material

Available in Full packs and Half packs 

quantity for Full packs -

SS12 3mm quantity 1440 per full pack 

SS16 4mm quantity 1440 per full pack

SS20 5mm quantity 1440 per full pack

SS30 6 mm quantity 288 per full pack

SS34 7mm quantity 288 per full pack

SS40 8mm quantity 144 per full pack 


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